Configuring EPDQ depends on the version of EPDQ you are using.

To use Barclays EPDQ go to your v3 admin area and select "Store Settings" -> "Payment Gateway Setup". Then put a dot next to "Barclaycard Business".

The fields at the bottom, below all the icons will then change....

EPDQ (essential, extra, extra plus)

These are the new EPDQ systems

PSPID: This will be issued to you by Barclays

SHA-1 Keys: You first need to set both your SHA-1-IN and SHA-1-OUT passphrases in your EPDQ admin area. Once you have done this enter them in this box separated by a pipe ("|") symbol. e.g. SHA-1-IN|SHA-1-OUT.

Configuring the EPDQ admin area

First of all go to your EPDQ admin area and log in using the details provided by Barclay's. Once you are logged in go to the "Technical Information" section. Within that section follow the instructions below.

Global Security Parameters

Hash algorithm: SHA-1 Character Encoding: Use the character encoding expected with the initial transaction request (depending on the URL called)

Leave the rest of the options on this section as their default values and click "Confirm Changes" at the bottom centre.

Data and origin verification

URL of the merchant page containing the payment form:

Please enter the following URL<STORE USERNAME>/ogonecartsubmit.aspx
If you have multiple stores you will need to enter each store as a separate URL separated by a semi-colon (;). Do not put any spaces in this field.

SHA-IN pass phrase: Please enter the password used before the | symbol in the section "SHA-1 Keys" above.

Transaction feedback

HTTP redirection in the browser: Leave the text fields blank but tick the box labelled "I would like to receive transaction feedback parameters on the redirection URLs."

Direct HTTP server-to-server request:

Select "Always Online" and in the box labelled "If the payment's status is "accepted", "on hold" or "uncertain"." enter the following...<STORE USERNAME>/ogonecartcallback.aspx
If you have multiple stores you should enter only one url here. The system will work out which store the callback really belongs to.
You should also select "POST" as the request method.

Security for request parameters: Enter the SHA-OUT pass phrase. This is the one that comes AFTER the | from the section "SHA-1 Keys" above.

EPDQ - Old CPI system (now depreciated)

Following fields have to set be when you set EPDQ as credit card payment method.

Username: This is your "Client ID" or "Store ID" as provided by Barclays EPDQ. This would have been sent to you via email from the Barclays EPDQ team. If you have not received this, please contact the EPDQ's eCommerce Support Team.

Processor callback password: This is your "Pass phrase". You need to set this in the ePDQ CPI admin area

Configuring EPDQ in the CPI Admin Area

Go to the ePDQ CPI admin area

Enter your Barclaycard assigned ePDQ Client ID/Store ID, Username and Password.

The Password for this page is the one Barclaycard Merchant Services provided you when you signed up for ePDQ account.

Set the following values on this page

Passphrase: The pass phrase is the value that is passed to the encryption module on the ePDQ server for payment processing. This needs to match the "Password" entered in the EWS admin area above.

Allowed URL:

Note: remember to replace "STOREUSERNAME" with your actual store username and that the Barclays system IS case sensitive.

POST Order Result: Set this to "Yes".

POST URL: This must be in lower case to avoid browser case sensitivity problems, and must not involve port numbers or be an IP address.

For EasyWebstore, enter the following URL: http://YOURSTOREADDRESS/ePDQCartCallback.aspx
Note: remember to replace "YOURSTOREADDRESS" with your actual store's web address.

POST User name: Leave blank.

POST Password: Leave blank.

POST Email: In the event of a POST failure, ePDQ will email you an error message. Please enter your email address suitable for this purpose.

Merchant Display Name: Your trading name that will be displayed on the ePDQ payment page and order status page.

Company Logo: It's a text string that specifies the location (URL) of a graphical file in GIF or JPG format.

This Parameter can be used to include a store's logo on the ePDQ CPI pages Your logo will need to meet the following dimensions, WIDTH=500 HEIGHT=100. Failure to do this will stretch or shrink your logo. The graphical file must reside on a secure server (with an https:// URL).
We can provide these URL's on a per store basis. Please open a support ticket to request your secure logo URL.

Continue Options for Internet Authentication: You will need to decide how you want to handle transactions based on the outcome of the Internet Authentication process.

If a cardholder is registered to use the Internet Authentication service, they will generally be able to authenticate themselves at the time of the transaction. There may, however, be occasions where authentication is not successful. You can control the Continue options which can be configured within the CPI Admin Tool. These need to be set correctly as they can affect where fraud liability lies for merchants. If you are in any doubt as to what to set these to please refer to Barclays EPDQ support and your merchant account contract for details.