To set up EasyWebstore to use Google Wallet as a method of payment:

  1. Go to the Store Settings dropdown menu in your EasyWebstore shop admin area.
  2. Select "Payment Gateway Setup"
  3. Go to the 2nd tab, "Other Payment Services"

You can see "Payment by Google Checkout" if you scroll down the page a bit.

"Merchant / Vendor ID" and "Merchant Key" need to be filled in from the details in your Google Wallet admin area.

In your Google Wallet admin area this information can be found under "Settings" on the top tab, then the "Integration" link on the left hand menu, the Google merchant ID and Google merchant key can be seen on the right hand side.

Also on this page you need to set the API callback URL to :<storeusername>/GoogleCheckoutCallback.aspx

Substitute <storeusername> with the your store username, for example : For callback method leave XML selected.