PayPal Manager

You can log into your PayPal Pro Manager page at [1]. Once you are logged in you will need to locate the settings to customise your payment page.

The customisation you configure here will be used as your payment page to collect the customers card details. Do NOT select the "mini" template at this stage.


Once you have completed the PayPal configuration you should log in to your admin area and go to: "Store Settings" menu > "Payment Gateway Setup".

Select "PayPal Pro Hosted" in the icons and then underneath the icons enter your "Secure Merchant ID" from PayPal.

Standard Integration

If you have followed the instructions above you can click the "Save all payment gateway settings" button now and it should work. After going through the checkout process you will be forwarded to the PayPal template that you selected in PayPal Manager to enter card details and make payment.

iFrame Integration

If you would like to have the payment form displayed within your own store template you will need to enable two options on your store.

1st you will need to go into Store Settings and turn on One Page Checkout

2nd, in the Payment Gateway Setup page you will need to tick the box labelled "Use iFrame mode".

In iFrame mode the system will force PayPal to render the "mini" template within a iframe on a page on your store, wrapped in your store template.


Some browsers, especially older versions of Internet Explorer, are not secure when using iframe mode. For this reason these browsers are detected and the system will fall back to using the standard integration above for these browsers.