IMPORTANT: When you setup your WorldPay account, the integration type needs to be "Select Junior" or the integration will not work.

Configuring EasyWebstore

  1. On your "Payment Gateway Setup" page you need to select "Worldpay"
  2. Fill in the "Installation ID" as provided to you by Worldpay
  3. Fill in the "Payment Response Password". This needs to be the same as the "Payment Response Password" in your Worldpay account. (It is NOT your WorldPay password)
  4. Click "Save all payment gateway settings" at the top.

Configuring your WorldPay account for EasyWebstore

  1. Login in to the WorldPay CMS.
  2. At (or near) the bottom of the screen under "installations" (not "company accounts") click the "Configuration options" arrow.
  3. On this screen ("Configuration Options") second from bottom there is a field called "Payment Response password" this needs setting and confirming to any password you like, but it must match the password you then set in your EasyWebstore.
  4. You now need to set your Payment Response URL in worldpay. On the same screen as above fill in the field marked "Payment Response URL" with the following:
    http://<WPDISPLAY ITEM="MC_callback">
  5. Check the "Payment Response enabled?" box.
  6. Check the "Enable the Shopper Response" box and click Update

Test instructions

If WorldPay ask for a set of test instructions to make a purchase send them something similar to the following:

Proceed to site, click the "add to cart" button on any product. Then click the cart icon on the page, this takes you to the checkout screen. Click "pay with credit / debit card" button. Fill in a test customers details and click "checkout" you should be taken to the worldpay payment page.