CardSave is a payment processing company. It provides online payment solutions as well as point of sale credit card processing solutions for small to medium businesses. Their aim is to secure lower fees for payment transactions. When a merchant orders a terminal from Cardsave they are provided with their preferential terminal for their business, along with the earliest model of card processing machines, known as the "zip-zap" payments. The latter is available in case the former becomes faulty, allowing the merchant to continue with trading. The companies head office is based in Grimsby, with additional offices in London and Nottingham. The current CEO is Clive Kahn.


Cardsave was formed in 1995 by an independent retailer to negotiate lower rates for credit card processing, their aim was to relieve small to medium businesses of the high charges that were set by the high street banks. Although they offered their services to various businesses, their main clients were tyre fitters and hairdressers. In 2007 Clive Kahn, former Chief Executive of foregin exchange specialst, Travelex, led a successful 72m buyout of Cardsave, backed by Private Equity House, Exponet. In March 2010 Cardsave acquired TNS, the UK terminal hire business of global communication, which mainly provides terminals to petrol stations. On the 21st December 2010 Cardsave was acquired by WorldPay, the UK's largest card processor. Whereas before they were partners Worldpay will now be able to improve its servicing to the small-medium business market. Cardsave is now one of the UK’s leading independent sales organisations distributing credit and debit card processing services to small to medium businesses.[1] In November 2011 Cardsave partnered with Pennies, the electronic charity box, to launch a community initiative in Grimsby and Cleethorpes, giving customers the option to top up their bill by 25p when paying by card in local shops and restaurants and donate the 'electronic' change to local charities.