How to set up paypal standard

The system fully integrates with PayPal, to enable PayPal checkout simply go to: "Store Settings" dropdown menu > "Payment Gateway Setup"

  1. Ensure that the "PayPal" icon is not selected on the first tab. (this is for PayPal Pro only)
  2. Select the tab labelled "Other Payment Services"
  3. Enter your PayPal email address in the appropriate field.
  4. Ensure that "use express checkout" is not checked.
  5. Click "Save all settings" at the top of the page.

IPN Notifications

Next... in your PayPal account you need to set IPN Notifications to "off". This will turn IPN off on your account and allow the EasyWebstore system to set the "notify_url" on a per-transaction basis. The benefit of this is that it will allow you to operate multiple online stores on a single PayPal account should you wish to.

Auto Return

Also, to ensure that your visitors are returned to your "thank you" page after paying you and therefore you are able to track their conversion in any analytics software you use you must also turn on a feature called "Auto Return" in your paypal account.

The Auto Return URL should be set to http://<Your store address>/paypalcartcallback.aspx

Tracking PayPal conversions in Google Analytics

See Auto Return above